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You’ve come to the right place! At , we’ve got absolutely everything you need to pull off the most spectacular event possible. No event is too big for us to handle – whether you’re hosting a wedding, graduation party, retirement party, or even a street festival, is your go-to source for everything to do with party rentals.

Turn your dreams into reality when it comes to your wedding. we can supply you with tables, chairs, linens, tents, stages, dance floors, and audio/video equipment to help make your wedding a memorable one.

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From street fairs, to music festivals, to carnivals and corporate events, we can handle it all! We can supply you with all the equipment you need for such events, including tents, dunk tanks, stages, raffle tickets, booths, and more! We’ll help create the perfect festive mood for your large event!

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Backyard Tents

Are you panning on hosting an event at your home? No problem! At, we can help turn your home – whether indoor or outdoor – into the perfect venue to host weddings, birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries and showers. From the tents right down to the silverware, we’ve got it all!
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Engineered to withstand 75 mph wind. Largest inventory of AV equipment. Custom tent designs. Weddings, festivals, seminars

FAQ – Tent Planning & Set-Up For Your Next Event

There’s something special and unique about outdoor events, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary bash, graduation party, bridal shower, or any other event. But there are certain things you can include to make the most out of your next outdoor event, such as incorporating a tent and everything that goes under it. You just never know what the weather can bring on the day of your event – a top quality tent can protect your guests from unpleasant climate conditions.

But aside from shading against the rain or sun, tents also offer a decorative element to an outdoor event. The ceiling can be outfitted with colored lighting and the walls can include windows to provide a fabulous ambience. Within the tent can be tables, chairs, linens, and even a dance floor and stage. Heating and cooling options are also available to ensure all guests are comfortable at all times.

At Party Rental 360, we can outfit your outdoor venue with all this and more to make your next event a highly memorable one!

How can I find out if a specific tent will fit in the area I’ve got?

You should initially measure the area before picking your tent, then add 10’ to the dimensions to accommodate for the stakes. For instance, a 30’ x 30’ tent will require an area of at least 40’ x 40’ in size. The area should be free of obstacles and flat, and a height clearance of 18 feet is required.

Without the necessary space, AARental will not be able to install the tent. If you have any concerns or doubts, you can email us (at a photo of the area in question and the measurements and we’ll respond to you with our advice on how to proceed.

If you need a tent to be installed on an area that can’t be staked (such as a patio), then a frame tent is recommended. Frame tents require minimal staking, and are held up by a piped frame.

Does the price include delivery and set up?

The prices quoted are for rental only and do not include set up and delivery. To get a quote on these services, please call us at one of our offices (phone numbers can be found at the bottom of this page). Any set up and delivery must be arranged at least one week prior to use scheduling our employees.

Do I need to be there when PartyRental360 delivers or sets up the tent?

You don’t have to be at the site as long as you’ve signed our contract. You’ll need to provide us with all pertinent phone numbers while the tent is being installed. If you are paying by check, you can placed it in an envelope and secure it to a specified spot where we can access it.

Make sure to also include a diagram of where exactly the tent is to be placed. For easier visuals, please mark off the area with objects. Please inform us of any septic tank or sprinkler system that will be on the property before we stake the tent.

What size dance floor will I need?

Dance floors come in 3 ‘x 3’ sections. You can start off with a 12’x12’ dance floor, and if necessary, build up to a 15’x15’ or 18’x18’ for events up to 200 guests.

What size tent should I get for my event?

Use the following as a guideline to determine the size of tent you require:

  • 40 guests – 20’x20’
  • 60 guests – 20’x30’
  • 80 guests – 20’x40’
  • 100 guests – 30’x30’
  • 140 guest  – 30’x45’
  • 180 guests – 30’x60’
  • 260 guests – 30’x90′
  • 160 guests – 40’x40’
  • 240 guests – 40’x60’
  • 320 guests – 40’x80’
  • 400 guests – 40’x100′

How many tables and chairs will fit under the tent?

Use the following as a guideline to determine these numbers:

  • 6 tables, 48 chairs – 20 x 20
  • 8table tables, 64 chairs – 20 x 30
  • 10 tables, 80 chairs – 20 x 40
  • 12 tables, 90 chairs – 30 x 30
  • 16 tables, 128 chairs – 30 x 45
  • 21 tables, 168 chairs – 30 x 60
  • 20 tables, 160 chairs – 40 x 40
  • 28 tables, 224 chairs – 40 x 60
  • 40 tables, 320 chairs – 40 x 80
  • 48 tables, 384 chairs – 40 x 100


✓         Be sure to shut off the sprinkler system while our equipment is being set up, as water and rain will damage the equipment;

✓         Be sure that all our equipment is set up underneath a tent or stored away somewhere to keep water away;

✓         Set the chairs up the day of the event to avoid any pollen or dust building up on them.